Consisting of a small display, a camera, an RF antenna and sensors, these lenses will detect eye movement, and give patients the ability to control certain inputs just by blinking. These specialized lenses will help users focus on both close and faraway objects. What’s more, advanced AR lenses will also measure blood glucose from tears, and will transform the treatment and management of diabetes. The Next Black Smart Garment Move on smart wearables, as smart garments are soon going to become hugely popular.

Documentary film The Next Black showcases smart garments (fibretronics) with microchips implanted into them. From socks and sleeves, to shirts and shorts – these smart garments have the ability to react to body temperature, track heart rate, monitor emotions and other vital signs (or even the mood of the wearer) and can be used by doctors in novel ways – without having to grab a phone or tap a screen.




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